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*Anonymous submission form for our "Ask Dean" advice section inside Dear Dean Magazine. Submit your question for some personal advice (could be good advice, could be bad, there are no guarantees!) written by Myron J. Clifton, and a chance to be featured. Topics vary monthly per magazine issue. If you are not sure of the current topic, tweet at Myron on Twitter.

Please note, you will not get a response with advice in email for your question submission. If selected, you will be featured in a future issue of Dear Dean Magazine inside the "Ask Dean" section. Features are not guaranteed. Names will be changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty!)

Questions or technical issues, please contact Katya via email. 

*submission forms always require an email address, but Myron will receive all submissions without the email attached and all names will be changed prior to feature unless otherwise requested. You must write that you want names to stay as they are for them not to be changed. 


We got it, thanks!

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