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BLM-PD: Revenge Was Inevitable

"I was captivated immediately. The characters are fleshed out (we all know a KJ and a Queen) the fast pace keeps you engaged all the way through and without giving away anything, it’s satisfying to see karma in action."

"This action-thriller invites readers inside a secret team of grieving, enraged, weapons- and -martial arts-trained Black women, formed after the senseless and completely unjustified murder of their mutual friend Jack by a white police officer. The team dedicates itself to well-targeted retaliatory action against this country’s 400 years of racist violence by the law enforcement and criminal justice systems against Black and other POC. Thus, in the novel, the familiar anti-hero action figure is reimagined as a league of professional well-placed, Black women whose lethal violence against certain racist white cops and prosecutors feels to them justified and way too long in coming. Thanks to the author’s inclusion of a heartbreaking and rage-inducing plethora of real-life incidents of racist police violence and prosecutorial malfeasance, BIPOC and allied white readers will understand and share the rage and helplessness that drive the BLM-PD group. The angrier and more helpless readers feel about the history and human costs of racism - and white supremacy ordained violence against Black and other POC in the U.S., the more they will want to read, and will appreciate, this novel."



"A friend of mine was raving about a book that he discovered called BLM-PD. He insisted that I should read it. I was a little reluctant to take his word for it because my attention span is usually too short to enjoy fictional novels. I am a little embarrassed to admit this but if a novel does not grab my attention in the first five pages I will sit it down never to return. I must say that BLM-PD captured my attention from the very start! This is the first book that I have read in a long time that I could not put down - great read!"



"BLM-PD is a page turner! Great characters, vivid visuals & writing that brings emotions. Love the book and the fact that it also provides real-life examples of what is happening in our world today & facts on BLM. LOVE the female perspective through leadership, intelligence, resilience, friendship & power. Buy it!"



"This book kept me engaged from the very start to the very end. It left me wanting more. The character development allowed me to feel connected to each of the women, and wanting to be part of their strong bond with one mission in mind… revenge because of a deep love connection for the one man that kept them all together."



"I read a lot of mystery and thrillers. This was not exactly either. It is a great suspense. It’s always difficult writing a review without spoilers. Also, it is pertinent to this review that I am white and middle aged. The novel has a great cast of stong women who take action. As a woman I find some of the tension between the women forced, however, it’s not unheard of.There is a lot of tension in this novel, between the women, within society. The plot is good. It’s straightforward (which I really like). What’s better is how the author weaves social commentary into the novel. And not in a way that everyone is going to be comfortable with. Nor should they be. For me, the violence and reasoning behind the violence made me incredibly uncomfortable. However, objectively the choices made by the characters make sense. In a world where Black people, both adults and children, are at risk simply based on their skin color, why should white people get a pass? And this is a valid question. Again, I am staying away from the plot. The political commentary worked nicely too and gave me a lot to think about."


"I enjoyed the imagery very much. A fresh and hopeful take, which I enjoyed reading with my daughter."



"Beautiful writing! What a refreshing view on creation. I love it!"



"This charming, engaging and thoughtful take on divine creation artfully mixes science, feminism, mythology and the magic of mother-love. It is both playful and serious, introspective and fun. I love that it can be enjoyed across all ages. Younger readers will enjoy the magic and mystery (and the cat...and the dog…), more experienced readers will find much to mine in the mash-up of science, fable and whimsy. It is at its heart a love letter to womanhood, to mothers and daughters. Share it with the women and girls in your life...and all the men, too."



"Empowering and inviting. This is a truly delightful combination of empowering yet inviting. The author’s words are warm and striking; perfect on your nightstand to read before bed."



"This book is lovely. Bought for my 12 year old daughter. It’s about mother love, the divine feminine. Like reading a dream."



"This book honors and empowers women in such a deep and thoughtful way. It is one of a kind, and a must-have for every mother and daughter. I highly recommend this book to all, and would love to see our education system assign quality reading like this to our schools. It is important that young women (and men!) grow up learning about stories (and religious stories in particular) in school and church about strong, resilient, women and mothers, not just men. Buy this book and gift it to everyone!"



"A stunning breakaway from our conventional way of thinking! It has been postulated time and time again about the possibility of a Supreme Being above all. Is there an ultimate creator above all creators? It’s like trying to answer the question about the Big Bang theory that believed by many to have been the single event responsible for creating the universe. However, it’s been asked time and again, what was there before the bang? For that, we have no answer. The author proposes to succinctly address that question. The narrative went on to support a sovereign vital force above all imagined creators on our blue orb. An ultimate deity guided me on a fantastic journey to witness the spiritual creation of our universe and everything within it. In fact, of all universes and everything within it. Compared to what our world has led itself to believe in now, the storyline is not so far-fetched. It presents another option taking a hard look at. This book comes recommended."

Her Legend Lives In You: The Untold Creation Story Honoring The Goddess & Our daughters

MONUMENTS: A Deadly Day at Jefferson Park

Sparks Become Infernos

“Monuments, as this book is aptly named, serve purposes seen and unseen. In a time where people seek to glorify the traitorous actions of the Civil War, those monuments spark several types of reactions. Ignoring injustices as if they aren’t continuing, work to acknowledge and correct those unjust systems, or use those monuments to spur violence of those wronged to justify and secure power. This book sparks conversations that need to be had if we are ever to have lasting progress in society. Ever note of this book rings true. A thought-provoking read, well worth the time. – R.S.”


Couldn’t Put It Down

“I didn’t think Myron could top BLM-PD, but he did, in spades. I devoured this book in one day. Terrific plot and great characters. Looking forward to whatever is next! —D.C."


Overall Pleased with My Purchase

“This book was riveting and filled with lessons we can all apply to society. I honestly could not put it down once I started reading it. I highly recommend this book. – S.”


A Page Turner

“Very well written, a lot of incidents were sad but true, I hope this author continues to write. – B.A.”


It’s A Great Read!

“I like the book, it kept me intrigued.”

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