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The Most Shocking Book of the Year!

"Whew!!! That was a LOT! The ending, or should I say, the final third of this book, didn't disappoint, and I certainly made the correct choice to sit still until I completed Monuments. The author masterfully develops his characters, allowing readers to easily invest in their stories, and remain curious about their fates. This novel is so good, and I look forward to Mr. Clifton's future published works. Well done, Sir."

"Very well written, a lot of incidents were sad but true, I hope this author continues to write."

"This book was riveting and filled with lessons we can all apply to society. I honestly could not put it down once I started reading it. I highly recommend this book."

MONUMENTS: A Deadly Day at Jefferson Park

Monuments to the US War between the States romanticized the notion of the Confederacy. While these monuments came down in the twenty-first century, it did not signal the end to the romantic ideas people held about the war, nor the existence of white supremacy. In the near future, Civil War reenactment events are still held, and, other than fist fights and drunken brawls, have been mostly violence-free.

Until now.

When Jenn’s employer is granted a contract at the country’s largest Civil War reenactment, she and the other managers, Paul, Jack, Mari, and Clarence, have to make some tough calls. Across the country, the event’s promoter and his main sponsor, a popular evangelical preacher, make plans for an event no one will soon forget. Thrown together, along with unlikely girlfriends, a doting congregant, and an unstable redneck, the characters are in for a deadly day of monumental terror.

Meet The Characters...

Paul: Unaware of his white-male privilege and oblivious to his own racism, Paul has established a successful tech startup, IME, and wants entry to the exclusive big-tech boy's club. He secures a vendor contract for the Civil War reenactment with the hopes of national exposure for his company. Paul's singular focus on making money causes many problems with his personal friendships and relationship with his special friend, Missy.


Missy: Missy is at a good place in life after a tumultuous childhood, and is ready to engage in the political process for justice and equity. She is comfortable in all aspects of her life except one: She is in love with Paul. She believes Paul loves her as well, but his focus on work and appearances causes problems in their relationship even before Paul begins focusing on the Civil War reenactment. Volunteering for the California BLM chapter, Missy, at great personal risk, agrees to go “inside” the event that will define their relationship once and for all.  


Jennifer: Wild and untamed, the flame-haired Jennifer usually moves seamlessly among her passions—women, workouts, and work. Recruited to IME by her friend Jack, Jenn finds herself at odds with coworker Clarence and in competition with coworker Mari which cause her doubt and confusion. When she is asked to attend the Civil War reenactment, her doubts about her new company are solidified. 


Mari: Confident despite the rigors of working for a startup tech company with a sexist owner who favors her colleague Clarence, Mari is determined to do what is right for her employees. Despite her doubts about attending an unquestionably racist event, she holds her head high and is prepared to handle whatever is thrown her way. 


Frank: Angry, resentful, and fed up with the disrespect he receives from his brothers and coworkers, Frank is a mentally deranged Alabama redneck who gets off on the track and kill of small game. He sees the Civil War reenactment as an opportunity to gain some respect while in the company of monuments to his Confederate heroes. 


Clarence: Clarence has worked hard his entire life to prove he belongs - in clubs and fraternities, at work, and at play, and to hide his self-inflicted pain at being raised in a poor household by a single mother. Over many years, he’s ingratiated himself with Paul, chuckled at the white man’s overt offenses, and been a loyal companion to him, only to find himself ignored. When Paul insists his employees attend an event celebrating the Confederacy, something inside him breaks and he decides he'll no longer be ignored. 


Big Bob: Gregarious owner and operator of the country's largest Civil War reenactment events, Big Bob takes his work seriously and will go to great lengths to see they succeed. Big Bob will bring a huge contingent of attendees to Jefferson County, California for the big event, but there's only one person he really wants to be there, and she has no interest in attending. 


Mika: A smart, successful, confident businesswoman, Mika respects Big Bob’s enthusiasm and trust of her. Regardless, she won’t agree to attend a racist celebration of slave owners’ rights without some serious payout. 


Pastor Charles Forrest: Trusted as the leader of a large evangelical church, Pastor Forrest harbors some serious deviations from Christ’s teachings. As a major sponsor of Big Bob’s Civil War reenactment, he brings busloads of his congregants and is prepared to use them for his own ends. 

MONUMENTS: A Deadly Day at Jefferson Park


What People Are Saying

MONUMENTS: A Deadly Day at Jefferson Park

Couldn’t Put It Down

“I didn’t think Myron could top BLM-PD, but he did, in spades. I devoured this book in one day. Terrific plot and great characters. Looking forward to whatever is next! —D.C."


A Page Turner

“Very well written, a lot of incidents were sad but true, I hope this author continues to write. – B.A.”

It’s A Great Read!

“I like the book, it kept me intrigued.”

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