Women Will Lead The Revolution

In the not too distant future, the US has been taken over by white nationalists, and the institutionalized racism that has underscored the country’s entire history has once again been codified. California has seceded from the US, and a band of strong women plan to start the next civil war following the brutal death of their friend at the hands of the police. This is BLM-PD.

Get to Know these Unforgettable Women

KJ: A tech genius tired of being passed over for less-qualified white men, she decides to lead a revolution by hacking her company’s defense files. What she finds leads her first towards revenge. 

Beast: AKA Jennifer, has it all: A good job, a hot bod, amazing hair, and a loving girlfriend. But she’s angry. When her friend is murdered by a racist cop, she’s ready to jump into a plot for vengeance. 


Queen: Dreadlocked and regal, Queen AKA Marilena, is as deadly with her MuyThai as she is with her Kukri knife.

Peg: AKA Margaret, perhaps the coolest woman on the planet, is so together she's tha bomb. Very useful in a plot to throw into turmoil the racist organization that is running the country. 


Niece: AKA Ana, thought of Jack like a father, so when the opportunity to avenge his murder enters her awareness, she’s all in, ready to give her life for the cause.


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