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New novel by Myron J. Clifton being worked on now. Stay tuned!


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Coffee, Grounded: A Reflective Journey Through Friendships, Stories, & Delicious Drinks

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Ride Overshare: Interesting, Fun, and Unbelievable Stories from Backseat Riders

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Jamaal's Incredible Adventures in the Black Church

Before Jamaal's seventeenth birthday he’s appointed as his preacher uncle’s designated driver and unwilling personal confidant. Behind the fine outfits and hats, behind the delicious cooking, Jamaal is exposed to crazy aunties, sexy church sisters, corrupt pastors, and predator deacons. A good kid who just wants time to finish his homework and kiss a girl his own age, Jamaal is dragged through the strange world of the Black church. You best pray for him.
— An offensive dark comedy by the author of BLM-PD and Monuments: A Deadly Day at Jefferson Park.
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We Couldn't Be Heroes: And Other Stories

Victorian House of the Damned
In this urban ghost story, two young boys attempt to rescue a cousin who has disappeared into a vacant Oakland house, but is she already damned?

On the Job Review
It’s tough for an ex-con to get a job, so when the perfect one as a nursing home worker comes along for Brett, the pressure is on to impress his boss and deliver results.

Census Takers
Being a census counter has always been dangerous work, but this year—kick it up a notch. Someone doesn’t want the true report!

Soul Harvesters
Cloned in a distant galaxy for a single purpose, has this pair of extraterrestrials found a small blue planet whose residents won’t miss their souls?

Message From God
Space explorers react when God calls for help, but will the humans on Earth care to answer?

An Evangelical Makes It To Heaven
An irreverent look at what’s really behind those pearly gates for a white evangelical minister.

We Couldn’t Be Heroes
This African American urban paranormal short story answers the question: What would become of Black men who reveal their supernatural powers during their US military service?


A Deadly Day at Jefferson Park
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Revenge Was Inevitable

Her Legend Lives In You

The Untold Creation Story Honoring the Goddess & Our Daughters

Thinking Of You

A love letter to friendship

For more short stories, essays & mini series, visit Myron's Blog!

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