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An offensive dark comedy by the author of BLM-PD and Monuments: A Deadly Day at Jefferson Park.


Jamaal's Incredible Adventure in the Black Church

Before Jamaal’s seventeenth birthday, he’s appointed as his preacher uncle’s designated driver and unwilling personal confidant. Behind the fine outfits and hats, behind the harmonious singing and delicious cooking, Jamaal is exposed to crazy aunties, sexy church sisters, corrupt pastors, and predator deacons. A good kid who just wants time to finish his homework and kiss a nice girl his own age, Jamaal is dragged through the strange world of the Black church. You best pray for him.

Meet some of the Characters...

Auntie Meredith

Faithful first lady, dedicated wife and sister, Auntie Meredith loves her status as first lady, loves her husband-pastor, and loves caring for and raising her nephew Jamaal. Will love be enough to redeem sins from both her church and her family, or will Auntie Meredith be forced to find another way to heal old and new wounds?


Uncle-Pastor Gerald

Serious and respected equally by his flock and local pastors and politicians, Uncle Gerald believes he, his church, and his family are blessed and highly favored. But with blessings come tests that challenge Pastor Gerald’s faith, his church stewardship, and threaten to upend his relationship with his beloved wife, Meredith.


Cousin Jean

Eccentric and loving, Cousin Jean long ago opted out of trying to live up to church precepts and family expectations. She loves her young cousin Jamaal and will always protect him from anyone, including nosey church folk and even his uncle and auntie—but maybe not from ghosts, and no longer from the truth.



Self-assured, smart, and wise beyond her years, this young lady is definitely going places—certainly going beyond leading songs in her church’s acclaimed choir. Marie doesn’t hold back her voice in the choir, her desire for Jamaal, or her strong support when she sees her friends have been done wrong.


Sister Julie

Voluptuous and clever, Sis Julie, the church treasurer can be counted on to calculate the night’s offerings, teach Jamaal the dos and don’ts of handling the pastor’s money, and leave traces of her lipstick where it will get a man in trouble. Will Jamaal succumb to her sexy wiles?



Jamaal’s best friend Kevin—loyal, playful, frustrating, and decent on the basketball court—can pack a punch when Jamaal needs him to.



Though Jamaal never had a chance to meet her, Jamaal’s mother shaped who and what Jamaal is and will become. But is she a hero or a villain in his story?

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