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Welcome to the Dear Dean Magazine. In my quest to create my own entertainment conglomerate and publish across multiple applications with the goal of reaching readers where they are, I am launching this digital magazine and fulfilling a dream.


As an independent author, blogger, and regular social media participant, I create my own content, write my own books, and curate my own media. This magazine helps me centralize and provide a single place for readers to have one place to see my content.

I love engagement with readers across each platform my work appears, and that engagement will continue here with options to tweet, email, comment, and share what you see here. Share it all!

There will be a little something for readers with various tastes and preferences, from opinion pieces, Movie & TV reviews, photographs, links to other content, Hit or Miss items culled from various social media apps, book previews, and even guest talented individuals from across a wide spectrum.

I remain a believer that some art and media should be free and in that spirit the magazine will be free. (insert appeal for applause)


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